V-Synth Patches

V-Synth Patches $50

(New!!!) 260+ Roland V-synth Patches

4x bigger than before! Reignite your Roland with 260+ patches handcrafted, and remastered for the V-synth. Designed over a period of many months, this pack features: The best TB-303 recreation, moogs sampled from the Little Phatty, Dubstep setups, Euro/Trance/Bubblegum patches, and high performance pads. From bizarre to extremely useful these V-synth patches by Chip Collection are the best.

Need classic techno/dance sounds from early 70s, 80s, 90s and to today? This is your download. Included are sounds like those used in the production of Bambee, Alice DJ, and E-type. Not your thing? Killer analog leads, basses, and pads will re-ignite any synthesizer music and your playing style.

This pack now features an Orchestral Bank! Play brass, strings, and horns! Reverbs are timed and modeled after a real life concert hall.

These patches are not available anywhere else!


A total of 260+ patches! 32MB. (Updated April 6th 2013)

New Dubstep Patches!

Euro / Trance combos & Loops

Moog Little Phatty Recreation patches, samples. Distortion & Resonance knobs emulated.

Korg Trident Waves & Patches

TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 Samples

Stratocaster Guitar with string/body noise

Metal & Rock realistic Drum Kit

Orchestral Bank (Violins, Viola, French Horn, Tuba etc.)

Roland JX-8p recreation patches.

Amp & Distortion for Guitars/outboard gear. FX patches modeled like Digitech & Guitar Rig

1990 "Dance" Organ & and new E-Piano.

David Guetta style synth lead patch.

New "Fantom" Grand Piano & New organs.

All remastered and rechecked with new FX setups.

Arpeggiations, Melodic Rhythms, and MORE.





Works with GT.

Pay and receive the samples now!

You need to add these patches to your V-synth memory! Once payment is complete you will receive a download link! Paypal and Credit cards accepted.

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