V-Synth Patches Bank 2

V-Synth Patches Bank 2 $99

(New 2015!!!) 300+ Roland V-Synth Patches 2: The Ultimate Pack!

A totally new bank for the New Year 2015! These patches are production ready. A year of work and experience went into these patches. This bank is totally different from Bank 1. It features more guitars, more synth bass, keys, synth pop sounds, dubstep vox, dance sounds, pure synth tones, and pads. The presets range from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and to the present. If you liked previous Chip Collection banks you must be prepared to be blown away.

Some of the inspirations for the patches within: Miss Kittin, The Cranberries, Tears for Fears, Herbie Hancock, Orbital, Hardcore Music, Blumchen, Green Day, Joan Jett, Hooverphonic, Aphrodite, Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer, Clint Mansell, and other 80s dance / Italo music.

These patches are not available anywhere else!

Some Features:

Pan-able piano that works like Supernatural's stereo psycho-acoustics! Revamped TR-808. So much more! A player's and mixer's dream. Revamp your V-Synth sounds and see what is possible.

33MB file!


- Listen to the Synth Category on SoundCloud

- Musical Quick Clips on SoundCloud Made with 100% V-synth


Works with GT.

Pay and receive the samples now!

You need to add these patches to your V-Synth memory! Once payment is complete you will receive a download link! Paypal and Credit cards accepted.

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