Tone Collection Reason Refill

Tone Collection Reason Refill (Guitar) FREE

Do you need the sound of a guitar in your mix? Do you want true death metal or classic rock distortion? You don't have to purchase thousands of dollars for an axe, amps, and stomp boxes to get the sound you are looking for. The Tone collection is a fully the sampled Strat with extra combinator patches to sound like various amps & stomp boxes. You can get any guitar tone you want with these preset guitar patches, like Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Garcia! Not satisified with software distortions? The Tone Collection Reason Refill also comes with Death Metal and Marshall Amp Powerchord patches direct from their respective sources! Now you can hit powerchords and Dropped-D PALM MUTES like a pro, for that heavy, REAL chuggy sound.

This Reason Refill has been tested with Reason 4.0. Main samples (not combinator presets) will work with versions as low as 2.0. Get the exact guitar sound you need!


87 Stratocaster samples, with every string sampled in 96khz.

5 Full octaves Death Metal Powerchords w/ Palm Mutes direct from a EHX Metal Muff in Dropped-D tuning

Marshall Amp Powerchords & Palm mutes, for that classic sound!

26 Amp & Stomp Box Recreations Extra weird FX creations that don't sound like guitars.

Heavy Metal Reason Song File Template to get you started right away.

Link: Tone Collection Download 200 MB

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