NES Waves Multiformat SF2 Giga Map

NES WAVE PACK - Multi Format - $30


Do you want to make chip tunes? Or integrate the sound of NES games into your music? You do not have to buy the NES or mess around old gear and software that doesnt quite emulate that natural sound 8 bit sound. These are profesionally recorded samples at 24 bit 96khz bit rate directly from the NES output on the back of the machine. People will actually think you have an NES with midi. This CD Includes all wave files of every type of synthesis that the NES is capable of! Every Square wave, Sine, Noise, and even 8-bit percussive samples. Already pre-packed for use as SoundFont2 (.sf2), Native Instruments (.map), and GigaSamplers (.gig), these raw uncompressed, unedited samples will give you the power of NES inside your computer x infinity

These are right out of the back of the NES and professionally mastered. The chip collection philosophy is to give you the highest sample rate, and to limit the amount of digital artifacts in your final product.


136 Drum WAVE sound files.

8 Bit Style.

NES Square Waves files each with 6 to 8 octaves of middle C

The Sine wave files.

86 Individual NES Noise WAVE patches.

27 Custom NES FX WAVES Patches.

Now in Giga, Native Instruments, and SoundFont 2!!


1. Zelda Rave A remix done in Reason 3.0

2. Second Player An original composition by Sammy Taters

3. Tendo A demo mastered in Reason 3.0

Pay and receive the samples now!

Remember, this is the Multi-Format Sampler Option. The Reason Refill is also available as a seperate product.

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