MC-202 Samples

MC-202 Analog Synthesizer Waves - Reason Refill - FREE

This is a collection of very unique sounds created on the MC-202. 96 Cd quality waves! Will work with other samplers too. (Exposed Wavs in folders).


4 NN-XT Patches

202 - Basic - The classic Sound

202 Bubble Techno

HoverCycle Patch - A 202 ripper!

Fully sampled Analog! Every key.

96 Wave Files CD qualilty (44.1khz)


1. MC202 Goodness

Link: Download MC202 Reason Refill 20Mb

Pay and receive the samples now!
Exclusive. Nobody has these MC-202 samples anywhere! Garanteed. Once you purchase the Chip Collection Pack, it will become downloadable from our site.

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