JX-8p Complete Reason Refill

JX-8P Complete Reason Refill 2.5GB - $50

(1.7GB zipped download)

You don't have to buy this vintage machine to get its signature sound. In this pack is a whopping 64+ Reason Refill patches including every single JX-8p internal analog preset! This was pack was created for JX-8p Collectors and fans of the 80s/90s, Italo Disco, and original techno sound used by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, and Future Sound Of London. This does not exist anywhere else on the net for sale. Only on Chip Collection. All samples are Stereo 24 bit 96khz sound! Full range of 8 octaves span all 61 keys of the JX-8p. Do you use something other than Propellerheads Reason? All samples are WAV format organized by their original onboard JX-8p name in folders. All multi-sample WAVs have been meticulously made, organized, and machine spliced.

No processing, EQ, or compression (add your own). All raw JX-8p!!!! Get some real analog bass! Get a full JX-8p! The Chip Collection Philosophy is to give you the highest sample rate and to limit the amount of digital artifacts in your final product. All WAVE files are exposed and editable! Can be imported into other samplers.


500+ Synth WAVE sound files

All samples are 24 Bit 96khz!

8 octaves middle C spread acrossed

61 Keys !

5 Bonus Patches in the vain of Kraftwerk & Depeche Mode

Jx-8p Song File Template to get started right away

2.5 GIGS! unzipped after download


1. Depeche Patch Custom special

2. Beautiful Strings Factory

3. JX Striker Custom special

4. Regular Analog Factory

Purchase and receive the samples now!
Exclusive. Nobody has these JX-8P samples anywhere! Garanteed. Once you purchase the Chip Collection JX-8p Complete Pack, it will become downloadable from our site.

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