Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 Patches Roland

Presets - Bank $49

28 Must Have Registrations! 70 Synth Tones! 50 Live Sets!

This is the ultimate refresh for your new JP-80, the king of keyboards. After many hours of work I have made these new sounds available to you. Pay what you think its worth. These presets range from Acid, Techno, Chip, to FX. Unlock the power of the Jupiter 80 (or 50)!


74 Tones - New and some edited! Synth, Rave, Acid as well as rock band & orchestral. 90s & 00s influenced sounds and newer.

50 Live Sets! w/ creative effects chains.

28 Registrations - Your main sounds. These patches take up almost a full numbered bank on the JP-80

Registration Names:

Atmospheric Piano - A powerful soundtrack piano.
Swan - An emotive string & flute combi
Jazz 120 Overdrive - Guitar emulation with JC 120 speaker
Metal Man! - A filtered, metal distortion synth
Chip Pulser - chip tune / David Guetta dance style patch
Upright Room - An emulation of a home piano in a normal room
Godzilla Lead - A Giant Super Saw Trance sound
Bambi Hoover - buzzing lead for dance
Punk Fill Pad - inspired by Daft Punk & Kylie Minogue sounds
Super Pluck - more powerful than a regular pluck!
Liquid Metal - a realistic metal guitar solo
Acid 303 - The best TB-303 Emulation + Boss Overdrive (also available in my V-synth collection)
Jupiter Horns - A sad synth horn grouping
Perfect Wind & Strings - Realistic Orchestral inside an emulated a concert hall.
Perfect Band Brass - Saxophones & Brass
Percussion Master - A random grouping of cool orchestral percussion
Shaku Profiteer - A P5 Lead like The Prodigy Voodoo People & A Shakuhatchi
No Sync - Like No Doubt's "I'm just a girl" P5 synth + Guitar + Drums
Amiga - Typical bubblegum registration w/ flamenco guitar
Super Friends - Euro Pop Dance
Hyper Blossom - A Rave / techno sound
Plastic Asteroid - Booka Shade inspired set
Rick Scrambler
French Swamp
Egg - a spooky voice that reminds me of Zelda N64
Subby 2000 - Subwoofer bass - like 90s D&B
Mystery - Raggae "Plunger Bass" - banging on a big pipe
Dat Funk - 70s style inspired synth sound + sax & bass guitar

There are many new synth sounds created from scratch used in these registrations.

Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 Compatible!*




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Note: When purchasing, make sure you go all the way through the order process in Paypal. This will ensure you get your download.

*(JP-50 may not read included JP-80 registrations.)

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