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Alesis Fusion FM Presets - Alice FM $20

29 Must Have FM presets!

This is the ultimate selection in FM sounds on the Alesis fusion. All presets have uses in today's modern production and push the limit of this board.

These 29 must have FM presets range from Acid, Techno, Chip, to FX. The Alesis Fusion's FM is one of the most capable sound genesis engines available! You need the right patches to unlock its power. Didn't think the Alesis Fusion can do Acid? Listen to the Wasp and Black Acid patches!!

Alice FM presets honor the past of Yamaha style keyboards and others are remenesicient of sounds not since seen on the Sega Genesis game platform. Complex LFOs are used to generate envelope rythyms, like on those of expensive software packages costing $200 or more. Alice FM pushes the creative limits of the Alesis Fusion!


A total of 29 patches!

Full List of Presets: Water Strider, Water Strider 2, Yamaha SuX, Psegga Chip, Basix, Wasp Black Acid (The Digital TB-303 Clone), Spastika, Calculator Race, Blue Ram, Street Beat, RagerZ, Green Vaib, Blade, Blade Siren, Winback, Sunflower, Mystic Antler, Bangrah, Deep Space, Satellite, Deep Circuit, RaveStab, Sequence LFO, Sequence LFO 2, Sequence LFO 4, Tech Disko, Tech Disko 2, Marimba+Muffle, Pliko.


1. Alesis FM DEMO
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