Casio SK1 Multiformat Complete SF2 Giga Map

Casio SK1 Complete - Multi Format $30

The Ultimate Casio SK1 Multi Format Samples. Megabytes of Casio keyboard sounds recorded at 96khz 24bit. All the bleep-drums are here. All the voices included in this pack, with full 32 key individual samples. This sample pack is for SoundFont (.SF2) compatible samplers. The SF2 is a standard audio file format that can be easily converted or used with MANY different sampler types.

These are raw, right out of the back of the SK1! The Chip Collection Philosophy is to give you the highest sample rate and to limit the amount of digital artifacts in your final product. Can be imported into other samplers.


Over 200 96/khz 24 bit WAVE Files.

Full Kit Samples including all the Casio style drums

The Classic Apache loop that was sampled into SK1 and back out!

7 Voice Patches x 32 keys = 224 samples. Like having a full Casio Keyboard.

Now in SoundFont 2!


1. Casio 80s Song (Amp Filter ON in Reason 3.0)

2. Casio Rave (Filter OFF, then ON for comparison)

3. Casio Jazz

This is the Multi-Format Sampler Option.

Use Paypal and receive the samples now!

Exclusive. Nobody has these SK1 samples anywhere! Garanteed. This is a ZIP file for Multiformat samplers. Once you purchase the Chip Collection Casio SK1 Pack, it will become downloadable from our site.

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