Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Guitar Emulation Video

It is 2017 and I'm back. Here is a short video I made today showing a guitar patch I've created. You can subscribe to my YouTube if you like following me. At one point in time I had a Reason tutorial that gained over a million views (or maybe it was over 100k? It was a lot and I can't remember). I deleted the channel because of abusive comments...My theory was naming my gear and keywording equipment grabbed the wrong people (like forum members and places I no longer post to). I used to have many synth videos, patch demos, and some PS2 gameplay. I'm not sure what kind of videos I want to put out next (I don't like editing). It may be artwork / synth / or gaming. I have to re-learn a lot of editing and possibly upgrade equipment. I want to put more artwork out there. Happy 2017.