Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vaporware filter on the V-synth by Roland.

To get a really soft filter on the V-Synth, the Lo-fi filter can be used over COSM2. Do not use the bit crushing. Bitrate can be about 9 or ten or not used. Turn the filter close to all the way down. Balance to the right. Something about this filter is different than the -6db and 12db standard filters! You can get rid of all the aliasing and harshness. Now you can make synth sounds with COSM1 standard filters before the lo-fi.

For added touch, the radio master filter can have noise set to 1. tuning Zero.
The V-synth also has super long reverbs that also have filtering. Not to mention this has the space echo and chorus. Perfect Vaporware style!

I suppose you could run your entire mix through it if you were crazy. Or just run some samples around.

You never know what I'll discover on this keyboard....