Monday, March 6, 2017

The Arturia Matrixbrute Should Get Synth of the Year

I kind of want a Matrixbrute. It sounds amazing. It looks like an analog programmer's dream. Nothing really steps up to my V-synth....I don't need analog sound at that price, but I still want to play with it. Matrixbrute is a big expensive TOY.

I kind of like the TC electronics FX they put in the Behringer analog machine. The tone is a bit limited and same-y IMO and it doesn't do as much. I wouldn't recommend that just by looking at it and other reports. I don't think people should pay that much money. Not a value. You have to pay too much to get analog sound. BUT sometimes digital is better. Go digital if you want to save yourself. Its cheap, it has less noise, and it does more.

Thoughts from my brain.

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