Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to get PCSX2 working with Wineskin on Yosemite

The mac is not the best system to run the latest batch of emulators. I can promise to get the emulator program working, but not every game. Its still better to buy an actual PS2 and the actual game, but this is a start up tutorial to help you get tinkering. Below is some text instructions that will help.
  1. Open Wineskin Winery. Create a wrapper. Name your app PCSX2. View wrapper in finder.
  2. Open the app's package by right-clicking "show package contents" Double click Wineskin.
  3. Install PCSX2 software. Choose setup executable (the PCX2 exe installer). Quit.
  4. Back out of the folders. Double click the actual application PCSX2.
  5. PCSX2 settings. GS: ZeroGS. SPU2: Configure. Select PortAudio.
  6. Put your PS2 Bios files inside the Bios folder in the OSX user document's folder! Overall its pretty annoying finding the right directories, and I'm not going to go into it further. I left it default because the program crashes and gets confused sometimes.
  7. Select the bios and hit Finish! The PCSX2 is running. You can run your ISO rom files with fast boot.
  8. Recheck your graphics and audio settings, like the PortAudio, and make sure its configured to the default audio device.
Overall I got some games to boot up, but there were slow downs. I'm not promising you can play the games. I was able to get a bit into Monster Rancher 4. I couldn't get Ridge Racer 5 to run right. If you have extra tips on settings please post them. I will not answer any questions or provide other links. This was the best method I found to get the application to work sadly. Hopefully the programmers make a real mac version that runs games. The state of PS2 emulation is pretty poor compared to Genesis and SNES.