Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Roland Boutique, Moog Mother, and More Updates.

So what is going on with the new Roland boutique line? It looks awesome, but of course when you get into the details its another product I do not need. I just hope this tech comes to a mega-synth module that's overpowered with all the options. The boutique systems are only 4 polyphony. Therefore, I can't use it as a Jupiter 8 clone. Minikeys also invaded to keep the cost down. My fingers are too big. I could use it as a module, or buy two of them, but geez thats too many hookups and doubles the cost for a digital system. They are kind of cool and sound better than whats out there now, but I'd end up spending as much as my computer for a Jupiter-8. I'd just end up fooling around with it.

Roland's Boutique line is Kinda Cool, but a pass just from the specs alone. Roland came out with other synths this year but I don't care about those either!

Moog's Mother 32 is a Euro rack system that sounds good so far and is not expensive. I think a lot of people will be picking this up. It seems to nudge a lot of budget options out of consideration if you are into modular.

What else? I've been playing synthesizer at home. I renewed this domain for another year and plan to keep it going as long as I can. I'm still happy with the switch to Blogger platform. I might create a seperate video gaming blog and review games, because that is also a hobby.