Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jupiter 8 sounds on the V-synth

Lets synthesize the Jupiter 8 sound!

The trick to making a Jupiter 8 on the V-synth is different from other analog types. Its quite easy to make a Moog lead (or analog pad) on the V-synth by just using the TB-303 filter. I don't have a JP-8 in front of me, but the pitch seems to be quite stable.

Use a small randomization and drift factor for pitch.
 -2, RND PITCH LFO, -2 Randomization in the pitch section.
 The above setting will make it go out of tune by only 4 cents!  Other analog instruments use more.

The PWM can be drifted by -30! If you use a basic wave, like triangle or SIN, you will start to get the right shape, but don't go too bright. You can also adjust the attack and envelope if you want.

Next use a regular -12db filter, with really moderate settings! I thought the filter would need special programming beyond the what V-synth does, but thats not the case. However, the resonance is quite impossible to nail down perfectly. The attack and decay depend on the sound you are making. I actually think less than 5 attack is not necessary.

Amplification is the final part.

Use the Guitar amp MFX, JC-120 amp. Does this amp have the same circuitry as the JP8? I don't know, but maybe it was used on a lot of records and it gets the tone right. Turn the gain to LOW. Set the input to 43 or so. Turn off the speaker. Set the EQ Bass and Mid to 110, treble turned down a bit. Brightness off. You might have to nudge things around to get the proper brightness. This amp kind of makes the treble sing and thats why we use it.

This isn't a complete tutorial to a specific sound, but now you have the basics. There are not a lot of options to get a modeled analog sound on this keyboard, but there are tons of workarounds and secrets!

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