Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OS X Yosemite: Do not upgrade!

OS X Yosemite has the poorest interface design in many years of Apple products. The employees have been making a series of declining quality control decisions. I do think the people working on these interface ideas should quit.

So, Yosemite Sam? I don't think anyone should upgrade to it. It's harder to read, the gradients, the transparency are all haphazard. What extras are here? Nothing great. It looks like it uses slightly more memory, but it was already a beast. I can't read my screen well. It looks like an OS9 re-skin from 15 years ago. I really think all the developers should complain to Apple. This update is not helpful.  iTunes, which I've been complaining about for years is not fixed. It got uglier.

The mac-crashing Extensions are back! Well maybe they don't crash...yet.

The iconic trashcan icon looks like a water glass.
I could get a spider monkey to render a better cylinder in Ray Dream Studio.

They changed window behaviors again. Maximizing makes a folder go full-screen. In what universe is that useful? How am I supposed to drag files out of the folder if the entire window covers every square centimeter of visual real estate?

Please go back to this, I'm begging you. I do think Yosemite is worse than Aqua. I could read and navigate Aqua.

Edit: Dark mode helps. Disabling Transparency makes text harder to read. There is no technical reason not to upgrade. I just think this was update was not envisioned well.

Edit: Also this is unrelated, but I really like using Blogger instead of Wordpress. It was totally the right choice for my content, so its likely to stay like this for years.