Monday, January 6, 2014

What is The Fastest Mac Per Dollar For Audio?


Here we have a collection of Macintosh boxes, mostly portables, to see which is the best value for the dollar. What matters is raw computing speeds since we use them for audio. Used Mac Pros and a Refurb Mac mini was thrown in. Most of these are Apple store prices, and all should have 256GB hard drive upgraded figured into the price. (128GB or lower is not acceptable!).

What is the conclusion? Best Dekstop: The 2.66 quad Mac Pro from Megamacs was the best deal. If you want something slightly faster, the refurb 2011 mac Mini server is a little faster, and obviously quieter. Best laptop deal: Macbook Pro 15" 2.0 Ghz.  Remember these all had 256GB drives (SSD) or 500GB+ equivalent hard drive.

Older portables like the 2009 MBP may be cheap and available on ebay, but they have pathetic scores, being half as fast as a new Mac Mini, so they are not recommended. Also note if you bought a used Mac Pro you could upgrade the machine with a new graphics card and it would still be an acceptable value today. If you do go portable, just get a new laptop! (People tend to bang up used ones anyway).

Update: The lower Graph is jumbled. Sorry. Mac Tracker was used to find the scores, so there may be a slight discrepency. This is a general guide.

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