Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mac OS X Dolphin Speed Guide


If you are having trouble running Dolphin its possible that you need to tweak the many graphics settings. Here is a way to find out what increases speed, and what slows down your game. Make sure you have the Latest application build!

dolphin frame limit

1. First set the Frame Limit to 120

This will allow the game to run as fast as possible for testing purposes only. When we are done, we set it back to auto.

2. Options---->Graphics--->Show FPS

We need to know how many frames per second we are getting. It is also helpful to look at what % of game speed we are running. We will use this as a gauge.

3. Configure--->Audio--->DSP HLE Fast

Your system may not need this, but it helped mine. Setting DSP to HLE emulation (Fast) gave me a significant boost.

4. Run your game ISO and find a good spot to test the FPS. It should be running faster than normal. Wave Race was a good game to use. I also tried 1080 Snowboarding. Pausing the game may be convenient way to get a constant FPS.

5. Graphics---->Enhancements

Play with each setting. After you select it, the FPS or Game % speed should change. If it does not, put the setting back to how it was. If you see an increase in speed thats a good option to leave checked or unchecked.

6. Graphics---->Hacks

Do the same as you did above by checking each option. BUT also check for graphics glitches. If you see something very wrong put the setting back to how it was.

Here are settings I used on a Mac Mini. It may be different for different games or machines.  EFB Copies (x) Texture, Accuracy Fast, Disable Frame Buffer.  The rest was default.

7. Put Frames back to "Auto"  to put the game speed back to normal.

If everything went right, you should have gotten a 15%-50% speed increase, depending on the game. Not all games will run perfect still, but they may be playable now. You should try another game and check for graphics glitches.

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