Friday, July 19, 2013

Logic Pro X Review - Just OK


Logic X or Logic Ten has been released. Is it any good? I'd say its a mild upgrade. The interface has become larger to support higher resolution monitors. Everything is a little bit more clear. But some of the same niggles are still here and its past is still present.

The library window now opens on the left side. The library window still does not list 3rd party Audio Instruments! It is confusing for newbies. They dont show up in the "Library."


The options for the tracks now cover up the entire mini-mixer view when opened. A bad choice. Most of the stuff in those menus nobody ever uses however. They should have gotten rid of those options.

The track view is nicer and easier to read. The actual tracks aren't bad either. Everything is more like Final Cut or Garage Band. Top buttons have been redesigned and make more sense. Whoever was working on Logic X knew that the older versions weren't very clear as to their function. The redesigned icons are good.

The score and piano roll are easier to read and access.

Preference panes are still pretty over your head or too similar to the old versions.

I believe Logic Pro X is mostly a better interface lift which will make it easier to use. They are headed in the right direction, but it still needs some work. I've never been a fan of their Library view. It really is straight out of the iPod 2004 or something. Reading all that text and not having access to everything is confusing.

Depending on your setup, things like latency and power will always be a concern within the computer. I preferred Presonus' easy setup which covered latency a lot better than Logic Audio ever has.

Logic Pro X is not bad. I'll continue to use it occasionally.  The stock plugins still have a bad sound so its not a good tool out of the box. I'd recommend a different program if you start your projects from the ground up in a self contained program.

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  1. Favio Esquivel EscalanteDecember 13, 2013 at 6:31 AM

    good article so far, i dindnt read it all TERRIBLE choice of colors, doesnt matter how good it was going, i couldnt finish it, its burning my eyes!!