Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogs: Audio Software Out In The Open


Most people would think torrenting is the best way to find software. Torrent sites have come and gone. Heavily policing and attention caused some of them to disappear. These are no longer the preferred method of distribution for some obvious reasons. Right now the best method is out in the open. Google searches, blogs and 3rd party download services are more annoying for copyright holders to haggle and more convenient for people doing the distribution. It is also more convenient for those downloading because it does not require extra software.

Chances are you can get an archive of the needed VST or AU plugin by a simple google search. Search the title, format, and platform  and you'll usually find a download page on a blog. Sites like and link to all kinds of copied audioware for both platforms. Their RSS feeds will alert you to new posts. Its out there and virtually unstoppable. Its funny that pirates have gone back to basic methods (http) to transfer their files when in the late 1990s, specialized server/client software dominated (Hotline).

Its possible that the DMCA inadvertently protected the third party download sites. As long as they allow a takedown notice they should not be subject to major interruption. Its probably hard to track down the original uploader if the site was in another country as well. Pirates are still annoying to some of the original programmers. The original publishers can submit takedown notices to google and possibly these blogs, but other search engines, like Bing still function for shady files.

Speed can be a problem. Most of these 3rd party sites are a little bit crippled. None allow for straight downloads, instead making you wait on a timer and enter a captcha. Some sites have premium account tiers for larger sizes. If you are a patient person there will probably be success.The files are usually on multiple sites. The search engine is like the google of RAR and Zip files on sites like If you do require speed and large size, torrent sites are still the best speed.

In conclusion it seems like the people doing uploads to torrent sites are n00bs that copied the software from another distributor or companies actively trying to harm downloads. The future of downloads is HTTP and multi-layers of obfuscation.

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