Friday, April 5, 2013

The Rules of Production: Use Presets, Modify Presets, Sample and Create.

1. The best way to create music is to use other people's preset sounds.

2. Change them up. If they aren't quite right, you can try modifying them.

3. Borrow and sample. If you like a sound on someone else's music you should sample it!! Create a new music from old.

4. Add effects. Effects put a new spin on any sound instantly.

5. Demo presets against other peoples music. This is a time saver. You can tell if the sound has enough energy, style, etc. to make your final track. You can also tell if you need to adjust the effects (eq, reverb, panning, compression).

Its nice to know how sound works, however, thats not necessary to know in order to make music. Learning your synth in its entirety is a long process. Lots of artists haven't explored what their hardware is capable of, but its also not necessary.

1 comment:

  1. thats..

    presets are good sometimes.

    its not a rule of production to use other persons sounds, and just change them up lol.

    i make music so i like to make sound and also know my synth from forth to back and i know what its cable of.

    and i could work with any synth.

    and make my patch sounds insted of usin someone elses sounds ideias etc.

    its nice to complet your stuff or even to make something very quick for workflow.

    but its not a rule, and its not defently my rule, and i dont like it.