Sunday, April 7, 2013

Most Collectible Synthesizers

Novation Nova White Special Edition

novation nova special edition


Novation Platinum SuperNova II 48 Voice Pro-X      (number made?) (Added Apr 16th, 2013)



DX7 Centennial Gold & Silver


Silver Yamaha Ex5        (non-US?)


Blackout Access Virus 15th Anniversary (only 15 made)

Waldorf XT Shadow Edition   (666 made)

Gold Moog Voyager   (5 Produced, at 15k new)

Nord Lead Ltd Edition Anniversary Model with black keys

UV Orange Future Retro Revolution


There are many limited edition Future Retro machines. Above is the 1 of 2 made silver Future Retro 777, new in box. It has a very rare hand-brushed/screenprinted front panel.

Waldorf Red Q+  (I'm assuming its rarer than the "Halloween Edition" which is on ebay a lot)

Access Virus Indigo Redback

Black Waldorf XT, only 2 made.

Waldorf Mean Green Machine

Red Alesis Andromeda   (around 200 made?)


Camo Korg X50

Many Korg Special editions are not rare..but some are cool. Moog has too many "special" color schemes to list.

And the rarest of the them all:
steve urkel limited edition

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