Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exploitive Products & Synthesizer Electronic Waste

You are a giant nerd. You can get any analog monosynth for 599, shipped to your home. What are you really thinking when buying it? You've been tricked by marketing. Avoid "exploitive products" where marketing trumps the actual uses of the product. It used to be that you could get something that produces an entire song, for cheap, and thats barely true today. Many instruments being sold are not enough to make a full song. You have to think about what you are buying and why now more than ever.

The Korg MS-20 is definitely a toy, an electronic buzzer. If you wanted one you would have already purchased one on ebay ten years ago. The marketing and actual use of of the product doesn't meet the price considering today's computing power. The purpose of the product is to exploit nerds in the same way rebooted movie franchises. They aren't as good as the original and trap certain types of susceptible people and their money.

Anything "analog" from modern instrument producers is definitely a trap. High prices on vintage synths are an ebay trap. You are paying their fees and a jacked up price.

You have to remember you are buying an over glorified buzzer. Most likely nobody will want to listen to your amateur noise. There is no art in copying another persons sound or producing more crap people have already heard. Do you want to pay $600 for "music" no one will listen to? What are you aspiring to be? Modern instruments are a better choice, and nothing analog today could be considered modern. The computer is a much better choice, especially for new creators.

Today's synthesizers are made in China for cheap and failing components will make the entire thing become garbage. They won't last as long as the originals made in the 70s, 80s, or 90s. The environment is taking a hit. You are part of the chain if you buy products from companies that are trying to exploit you.

Please be aware of people in china and the environment etc when you order an instrument. It should be something designed to last forever and give you infinite use. Cheap goods, even with a high price, will never satisfy you totally. It just might be that you are deriving little musical value from the instrument and everyone is paying a high price. Don't let the companies take advantage of you. When it comes to synths, stay digital, save the environment, and save your money. Don't be susceptible to the nerd economy.

Please re-use your stuff! Trade and find new uses for old things. Don't pay too much. No need to buy new.

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