Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NAMM 2013 Signaled the End of Hardware.

There was almost nothing new to be seen at NAMM 2013 unless you assert that any analog product whatsoever is better than a new digital one. Synths were revised, rereleased, copied and cloned. Lets review here.

Roland - Absolutely Nothing

Yamaha - Absolutely Nothing

Korg: King Korg - A compilation of existing products.

MS-20 MINI - A direct clone of something nobody was really looking to buy.
More Kaoss Pads.

Dave Smith: Prophet 12, another polysynth which is probably pretty good, but only if you are into polysynth keyboards.

Studio Electronics Boomstar: Another set of cloned analog hardware.

The Rest:

A Crap ton of cheap midi controllers nobody wanted.

Wow, good job guys in the music industry. That was totally boring. Maybe I will start reviewing software instead. I think its really over. Perhaps nobody wants to see a keyboard player on stage either. I think synth sounds are mostly over and creative sampling will become a trend again.

I hate mini keys. If I ever see another mini key I will explode.

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