Tuesday, February 26, 2013

D16 Lush For Mac OS X Is Not Recommended

Update: Its an OK soft synth, but I'm just a bigger fan of U-he.

D16 Lush had all the components to be a good soft synth but it suffers from the same problems as other synth plugins: It is too bright sounding and my CPU can't handle it.

I have a new-ish Mac Mini i5, and it doesn't seem like I could get it going fast enough forD16 Lush. I don't know what mac computer I'd have to buy to run this. Some presets are okay, but most crackle and clip my speakers pretty quick. I have no problem running other soft synths.

The brightness of the presets is very common when programmers aren't really using their sounds in music. On a soft synth the brightness can be especially noticeable. I believe D16 Lush is brighter than my V-Synth over SPDIF. Its just one of those things I am too lazy to adjust. I think they could have made a slightly better preset bank. There are some good sounds that just need some tweaks.

The overall sound of D16 Lush is similar to generic Roland but it doesn't quite nail the analog part. It is just another soft-synth. If you want more flexibility with filters and such, DIVA is a much better option (although Diva has no super-saw).

I'd say this is an average soft synth, and I can see a lot of work went into this thing, but I can't recommend it. Maybe if they had put more filter types in and made it more competitive. Thumbs down.

Note: I reviewed the Mac OS X Demo.

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