Thursday, May 17, 2012

Approved Radio Stations E-Z

Here is the final batch of radio stations worth checking out in iTunes! There are a lot fewer than I thought. Most stations on iTunes are commercially robotic sites with no one DJing. They are trying to serve ads or sell less than quality music. Many itunes stations are just pop music in disguise.  These stations aren't too bad!

Freestyle Vault

Gamesboro Radio 100% Video game music!



NSB (The World's Largest Breaks Station)

Swiss Master Streaming (Powered by Infomaniak


The "success rate" of iTunes electronica stations is now 1.79% in my own rating . What this really means is that you should not be using the default iTunes station list to discover new music. 98.3% of the time you will end up with junk you've heard before.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Approved Radio Stations in iTunes (A-D)

With 613 Electronica stream's available in iTunes I'll attempt to sort through the filler and find unique stations. Already I've made it through 218 streams and only found 4 stations worth listening to. Any site playing generic music was automatically thrown out.

4 out 218 stations = 1.83486239% success rate

These are the stations that I like.

Accent Mix by


No stations starting with the letter D made it on the list!

More to come...

Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Ways to tell your subwoofer is set incorrectly.

  1. You set it by ear. Our ears are not perfect and neither are our perceptions. Mostly what we know is relative. We may have chose to set the subwoofer to a certain level only because its what we are used to. Maybe we guessed. Its probably too loud. We cannot match calibrated microphones or electronic software.

  2. You set the crossover to to match the factory specs on your speakers. In the real world you probably don't get the promised bass extension. Smaller woofers just don't produce the levels you need in your room or listening position. You must set the crossover correctly and not by the factory specs.

  3. Audible distortion. Maybe you are pushing your subwoofer too loud and its clipping during those movie explosions. But it could be your room. Check your levels again. Use subwoofer protection in your receiver if it has it.

  4. You hear a drop out during the THX DVD crossover test. Set your crossover higher and do the test again. Repeat till its perfect. If you have a major loss of bass its probably not set up right and it isn't your room.

  5. Bass is indistinct or feels floaty. Check your phase switch. Most likely + is the correct setting if your subwoofer is near the front of the room. Make sure all your cabling is set correctly too to avoid phasing.

  6. You aren't happy with its sound. Try putting it in a different place in the room.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hosa Cable is Donkey Shit

Hosa sells shitty cables that pollute the earth. A low-end cable should be able to function for years. The Hosa I bought can't meet this requirement. Their cables sound scratchy even when they look brand new. Hosa cable sucks. They should stop selling cheap products in the USA.