Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Roland Gets It Wirelessly

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="660" caption="Roland's Connect Wireless Recording for iPhone"]Rolands Connect Wireless Recording for iPhone[/caption]

-Compatible with Roland's JUNO-Di, JUNO-Gi, JUPITER-80, JUPITER-50, Lucina AX-09, BK-5/BK-5 OR. V-Drums Sound Modules (TD-30, TD-15, TD-11) and V-Accordion FR-1x

What is it? A USB adaptor for many current models of instrument that lets you record wirelessly to the iPhone. Only "Air Recorder" and "V-drums Friend" is supported for now, but thats still pretty cool and hopefully continued support for this kind of thing happens and is available in more apps.

Jupiter-50 Is The Nail In The Coffin For Korg


Jupiter-50 is the nail in the coffin for almost all current Korg fans. With its screen looking like the same as a Juno GI, Roland has learned to create an affordable and reliable platform to present sounds that surpass anything Korg has ever had to offer. Korg's Kronos line is based on an out of date machine, the old OASYS with technology from 7 years ago. Korg has absolutely nothing to compete with the Jupiter-50. Recent reliability issues and questions about its build quality have cropped up for Korg. The price of its premium piano, the SV1 has dropped again today for the same reasons: a bad reputation. Roland is taking lessons from its Juno hardware to create the Jupiter-50 in what should be a solid keyboard with the cutting edge of technology. If you wanted a cheaper version of the Jupiter-80, or a portable version of the Supernatural Piano here it is. Hopefully it isn't Jupiter-expensive, negating the benefit to the user. It should be released in late spring.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Roland is perfect for Dubstep, Dirty bass, and "Skrillex" sounds

Newer Roland synthesizers are perfect for formulating "modern" bass sounds. The super saw, FM modulation, Filter LFO, Lo-fi processor, and sideband filters on the V-synths, Jupiter-80?, Gaias allow for the hard insectile sound found in drum n bass, and dub.

Here are some settings to try:[gallery]

2 Super saws. 2nd is detuned- and one an octave lower. Pitch envelope optional ->

FM Modulation ON->

-12db Filter with slow LFO, sync, and fade in. triangle shape.

Lo-fi Processor Filter->

->Analog Chorus Master Effect.

You can substitute Sideband filter for the lo-fi processor and you start getting "transformers" type sounds, and it will also take some of the top end off.

Enjoy & Experiment.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Windows XP 50% Photogray Theme for Editing Download

I made a windows XP theme for photo editing that uses mostly 50% gray as not to colour your eyesight when editing. It could also be an efficient theme for mixing. Text size has been bumped up for high resolution monitors. Download Here

If you are on an LCD monitor (most are) download the ClearType Tuning control panel for windows xp. It anti-aliases fonts for readability.