Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Headphone Trend Makes You look Dumb.

You do not need giant headphones to listen to your music. The cheap in-ear alternative are always a better choice in public. They are portable and provide adequate sound quality. Total ear isolation in public is dangerous. It cuts you off from your surroundings. There is nothing in your iPod good enough to take away natural sound when you are in public. You could hurt yourself or someone else. Headphones, played at the wrong levels, will cause hearing damage. External speakers are a better choice at home because they have natural reflections. When going out please skip the Dr. Dres and ear isolation. They crunch your ears anyway and you won't be able to have them in for long periods without pain. Save your ears and our eyes from you looking like a stupid eyesore.

Besides, most of the headphones they sell today are either cheap crap or a total rip. Skip looking like a douchebag that got ripped off on headphones. Nobody will want to talk to someone with their ears plugged.

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