Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I Love Novation Supernova II Rack Pro-X

  1. Every patch sounds great

  2. Its easy to tweak presets

  3. High Build Quality

  4. Its blue

  5. Excellent knob feel

  6. The digital distortion actually sounds good

  7. It has fat filters

  8. The resonance is good.

  9. It has a lot of memory

  10. It has good electronic drums

  11. It reminds me of a Prophet, 303, and a Moog.

  12. The screen is easy to read

  13. Controls are somewhat logical

  14. It has multiple outputs

  15. Its fairly light

  16. It allows for input on the front panel

  17. On top of all that it has a vocoder

  18. The printed manual actually explains how effects and filters work with illustrations!

  19. The sync/fm sounds are insane

  20. Very good basses

  21. All the effects sound good and reverbs are excellent.

  22. Filter overdrive knob!

Cons: Almost none. You can emulate supersaw if you are sneaky. It may not have as many effects as Roland, but the ones on here tend to sound better. They probably could have made more oscillator types, but this does have more modifications to the oscilators that exist than I've seen on other systems.

Rating: A    

Update: I have to admit that I sold this synth, as much as I loved its sound. I didn't have time to program it. If the used price wasn't so much I'd consider getting it again. I've been looking at Nord Lead because I want something nastier than the SuperNova.

The Supernova II goes from bright to dark sounds very easily and is extremely musical. Must buy.

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