Friday, November 9, 2012

What are the Best iPad Synthesizer Apps? (iOS)

What are the best iPad Synth Apps for making music? (Nov 9th, 2012)

1. Animoog

animoog by elsfra

2. Sunrizer

Sunrizer Demo by ikkuberlin

 3. iMs20

Korg iMS20 demo - Dr.Nemmo.wav by Dr.Nemmo

4. Magellan

Magellan Presets by sunsineaudio

5. WaveGenerator

PPG Wavegenerator Demo Sounds by ppgwaveapp

6. Alchemy Mobile

Alchemy Mobile Synth Demo by The Midnight Coffee

7. Nlog Pro

NLogSynth Pro by Apps4iDevices

8. Crystal Synth

Beastly Drone - Crystal iPad Patch by Megatroid

This data was compiled by forum recommendations.

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