Thursday, November 8, 2012

Genre-based E.D.M. Tutorials Ruin Creativity and The Music Scene

There are many tutorials for specific genres. These videos show how to copy a sound and style of music. The problem is that they don't allow people to experiment with the tools they have. The people searching for these tutorials don't have the knowlege to do it another way. They introduce people who are not specifically expressive or have been previously oriented toward music into a robotic way of production. When they've finished the tutorial they hope to sell generic music on itunes.

Trance, dubstep, rap, ___-wave, etc. are all examples of "tutorial genres." Most of the online radio stations today are playing tutorial music from uncreative producers. Its all crap.

If you don't know how to make music on the computer, read the manual. You are not supposed to be copying other peoples style. You can make any type of music you want. Don't follow tutorials or any school of thought. It kills creativity and it makes your music dated.


Ted Talk on how schools kill creativity:

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