Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peak Filter For Vintage Resonance Sounds on Roland V-Synth

If you use a V-synth or JP-8000 system you know that the resonance on all these machines is lacking. What you may not know is that the extra Peak filter on the V-Synth is pretty amazing for funky sounds. It comes closer to the sound of analog filter resonance on the Jupiter-8 and others.

How To:

Here is the basic chain:

OSC---->-12db Lowpass Filter----> Peak Filter--->VCA

We are cascading the filters into eachother. The Peak filter on the end adds the resonance that is lacking in the regular lowpass filter. Both can have resonance boosted, however you should set the envelopes and frequncy amounts to approximately the same exact settings. If you get tricky you could also use the TB-303 ladder filter instead of the regular low-pass, then experiment with filter settings. Using the peak filter gives us a more pleasant resonance response than the basic LP filter and will sound more vintage. Enjoy!

Update: Also note that using the LFO on the TB-303 filter gives a more realistic resonance sweep than the envelope...go figure.

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