Saturday, August 11, 2012

Top 20 Digital Synthesizers Voted In The Past Year


Here are the top 20 Digital synthesizers that synth users have been interested in this year (2011-2012). Only four are still available to buy. (V-Synth, Virus, JP-80, Nord Wave.) Many will only be on the used market. Also interesting is that nobody listed the Blofeld which is often recommended to new users.  With Nord Modular being older, you'd think the users would have gone to Reaktor or something. This list is probably completely irrelevant to those who only use software. Personally, I would only want a handful of these in my studio.

  1. Nord Modular  nord modular by sebastianBulla

  2. Roland D-50  Roland D-50 pads by mark rushbury

  3. V-synth (or GT, XT) V-Synth GT 06 Recesión sonora by Sweetfilterswwep

  4. Kawai K5000 Kawai K5000 Creaturz Patch Pad Demo by synthboy

  5. Yamaha FS1R Yamaha FS1R E-Type by SCS Silent Crab Studio

  6. Kurzweil K2000 Days of Old (Kurzweil K2000) by greengostudio

  7. Roland JD-800  I love jd 800 by lookinon

  8. Hartmann Neuron 

  9. Access Virus TI  Virus TI (Fat-Zound Clubzonatic) patches by Baltic Beats

  10. Ensoniq Fizmo  Fizmo loop (test) by CrawlingWind

  11. Roland Jupiter-80  Jupiter-80 Lead by SynthTest

  12. Yamaha EX5  YAMAHA EX5 のプリセットを適当に弾いてみたのん by しましまP

  13. Synclavier 

  14. Nord Wave  Nord Wave Delay Test by mike-fibes

  15. DX7  DX7 Bounce by Kaarma

  16. Supernova II  Nova Supernova Soundz01 by Synthetical

  17. Korg Prophecy  Clav-Nimal - Korg Prophecy (Albert Korman) by albertkorman6

  18. Yamaha SY99  SY99 by Korg-Kamerat

  19. Waldorf Wave  

  20. Korg Z1  Melting Trumpet (Korg Z1) by RossT

Data compiled from Gearslutz forums dated 2011-2012. Losing popularity from 2008, the Access Virus TI had less people interested in it. Gaining some popularity, the Ensoniq Fizmo appeared more often. Interest in favorites like Nord Modular, Roland D-50, K5000 and FS1R stayed regular.

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