Monday, August 13, 2012

Sound Design Tip: Start in Reverse


Normally we start with an oscillator and work our way through filters and then toward effects. Why not reverse the way we normally do it? Lets go.

Since we need some kind of sound running through our effects choose white noise oscillator. It is generally neutral and but allows us to hear spacial properties of effects we choose.

Next select our favorite effects and their parameters. The point of this tip is to experiment. This way you can start by making really cool sound fields and time effects instead of focusing on tones. Reverbs and choruses are chosen not to fatten tones, but purely on what they do to time & panning, etc. They might make us feel a particular way. I think people love wide spacey sound fields because makes them feel space is endless.

Next go through your favorite filters, syncs, and adjust them to taste.

Lastly choose a tone or oscillator (probably not white noise this time) and edit it to taste. Maybe a particular percussion sound will be good.

At the end we will likely have ended up with some kind of drone-ish type sound. It might be creepy or sending sounds off the walls. We haven't heard it before and its not a standard synth patch. Thats the point. Hopefully you will develop a taste for the type of sounds you like. All done!

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