Friday, August 31, 2012

A Free Yamaha NS-10 Simulator For Mac

MixRef is a studio monitor simulator plugin (AU) for the macintosh. It is FREE. It is designed to help you improve your mixes. I tested it personally and I have to say that it works. I loaded it up onto a mix that I was having problems with and made some adjustments under NS10, Adam A7x, Auratones and Dynaudio models using headphones. I was able to fix midrange and treble problems in no time. With both speaker and headphone AUs you can simulate these speakers in a home studio. When I was done working I still had some problems with low end bass (too much, probably because these speakers aren't designed with subs) but I quickly adjusted it in the "real world" with Mixref turned off. Overall it smoothed out my mix perfectly and better than  I could have done alone. This plugin probably saved me tons of time and money I would have spent on an extra set of monitors. It may be a good alternative to Focusrite VRM Box. Mixref gets an A+ from me. Just make sure you use the headphone mode.

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