Friday, July 27, 2012

Your Music Will Sound Different Everytime and They Will Charge You For It

A "Song Sandwich" is a new format of song file with embedded data and links. Your downloaded song will sound different every time its played back to fans.

1. Fans will hear a different version of their song each time.

The artist embeds live data links into the music which can affect playback  for a new experience. Artists  could embed their webcam feed, a new image, or quote which will insert itself into the music and change the lyrics. Expletives could be toggled on or off. Take a marketing quiz created by the label and your music will play to your taste and never offend you in any way.

2. Music will always be up to date

No longer will someone in the studio have to remix or remaster entire tracks of audio. They could edit some parameters and send the updates to the song file on the server. You can be the George Lucas of audio. New data will be pushed directly onto fans.

3. Plugin creators will be paid when the listener updates a song. If the artist uses a synth or effect, its embedded into the song or retrieved from the server. The listener could opt to pay to update it.

4. Content creators will be paid each time the artist uses a synth patch or sample on the songs. The more custom patches, commercial synths, and other modules available from the server, the more expensive the song is! Artists could also embed free open-source sound modules.

5. New levels of fan engagement and controversy! I could see a fan conversation on the internet forums going on like this...

"The 2016 un-updated version of Atomic Cowbell's Crap Stain, running on Itunes+ is the best there is! Roll back your plugin versions and see what I mean."

"No you should update to SynthPlug7000. Download the updated lyrics track while you are at it too."

"I just removed Moby.3ds and replaced him with DancingJesus.3ds. The animation is really funny."

5. Remixers will get paid to give unpopular songs exposure.

Top remixers and artists will have a following and there will be no difference between the two. In the future these data streams and edits will literally be point and click, drag and drop. Artists with little exposure could have their tracks remixed by a top artist or remixer. When a fan sees this they can download it, everyone gets paid, and a new artist is heard.


There is no efficient way to do this yet. We are only waiting for the infrastructure and file format. With copyright and competing technologies it will be awhile before the music industry teams up. A scrappy tracker-type version will happen first. If networked, Song Sandwiches will become the new Napster. Trading links to hacked data sandwiches with external links will be the new YMTD, and the final word in meme-generation. It will be live. It will be in 3d. And It will never stop.

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