Thursday, July 12, 2012

V-synth Granular Synthesis Bass

After a long period of using the V-synth I gave up on modern granular synthesis style bass. It doesn't quite have the "motion" control of software, therefore I thought it was impossible. Well here are some tips to get some good granular synthesis sounds on v-synth. I was able to get a sound that sound fresh out of a VST or reason combination.

Roland V-synth Bass Tip:

  1. Use PCM oscillator 1 with Vari synth on. Choose a drum sound or a noise sound. Vocal sometimes works (you will have to find a new sound after)

  2. Set TIME to the middle zero, so the sample is basically "stuck." This creates the granular synthesis effect. It won't play backward or forward but we don't need it to. Its basically acting like granular synthesis. You can mess with some envelope, but basically we want the sound to be stuck.

  3. Retune the sound with coarse & fine!!! For some reason its not always in tune when the sound isn't moving forward or backward.

  4. Play with the formant control. This gives it some vocal-like control!!! Not all samples do this. Different encodings worked better than others.

  5. Set COSM 1 to TB-303 filter.  Set LFO -64 so its turned all the way back. Set the speed to a 1/3rd time and set the resonance upward. This is the wub sound that is still necessary to filter the noise out.

  6. Set OSC2 to whatever you like. Turn on FM modulation (optional). turn down OSC 2 for less FM harshness.

  7. Set cosm 2 to bitcrush or distortion amp.

That is the basic sound. You can modulate different parameters and just experiment with tuning and COSM filters. At some point you will probably get something really badass. The point of it is to experiment so have fun. You may just end up with a new sound you didn't think was possible. I was able to get a completely modern bass sound which I made a zone split with an organ. Remember don't skimp on effects! The main trick here was to get something granular sounding and setting the time VERY SLOW or at zero. Its not perfect but it will get you "that sound" a lot closer than just a wub-filter which any synth can perform. An LFO filter alone isn't good enough today anyway. Today there will be several modulations going.

Another tip: Upload a changing vocal formant sound into the memory card. Set the event points differently. Now set your OSC PCM to "EVENT" mode. Every time you press the key you will get a new granulized formant type sound as long as the Time is set not to still. (though it may not be in tune).

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