Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on Repurposing and Combining Technologies.

New things are created when two different technologies are integrated. Also when old technologies are re-purposed. Everything comes together at a certain time and place just because we can. New musical styles can come about in the same method. They have roots in these technologies that were meshed together or repurposed. Sample synthesis brought new musical genres to the 80s and 90s. Vast computer power from 2001 and later brought about more control over our music.

What is your favorite new technology? What is an old technology that you could find a new purpose for? Thinking about these questions could lead to new music!

Lastly maybe we should spotlight softwares that are just putting out the same thing. Refining an old technology, in a way, is deconstructive. In practice its okay, but this minimalist approach should be criticized. For one thing it is not new. It does not lead to new thoughts and sounds. Secondly the decision not to incorporate other technologies leaves you with building blocks that don't connect with eachother very well...for example two VST plugins that can't interact. There are endless software clones, none of which will have a big impact because the developer chose not to repurpose and combine new things or code that was available to them. The ipad world is filled with these and get a big PASS from me. Sometimes its not a matter of inventing, which is super hard. Sometimes its just taking two things and mixing them together. You are taking a big risk if your output depends on refinement and minimalism no matter how perfect your product is. Minimalism and refinement have no place in the future because your customer and listeners are perpetually bored.

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