Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Listen to Saturn Bomberman Music w/ MiniMoog - June Chikuma

June Chikuma Photo

After purchasing a Saturn to play older games that I happened to miss, I had to get Saturn Bomberman (1996). It is a direct sequel to the Sega Genesis "Mega Bomberman" which had excellent music. Since the Saturn supports CD, the music was taken to the next level in this game. Most songs featured the MiniMoog.
Saturn Bomberman/June Chikuma by June Chikuma

Musicians : June Chikuma(key, nai, prog), Kaoru Akimoto(g, vo), Hirohiko Otsubo(b) / from SEGA SATURN Saturn Bomberman / 竹間ジュン

This is excellent music, and a great game.

Other Saturn games I have tried have not been as good, except for "Shinobi", but Saturn Bomberman is a must have. Unfortuneately most copies for for 50+ dollars on ebay, and the PC emulators out today are not very adequate. It is great that June Chikuma seems to have uploaded this music.

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