Friday, July 27, 2012

Hardware Obsolete. Experience the Digital.

"Musical ideas are prisoners, more than one might believe, of musical devices." - Pierre Schaeffer, 1977

Remember that someone, somewhere, has made your accomplishment obsolete or has plans to do so in the next month. Your work with the microprocessor is fully automated and tagged, only to be experienced years later. Your music is a data object. It was created by software. You told it to release digital waste and now the data and noise is stored on the internet forever. Its obsolete.

Artists will release their music in object form in the future. Fans will manipulate recorded samples as panning vectors with embedded effects programming. Full audio plugins will be encoded inside the music files. No longer will slicing, filtering, and cutting be required.

Anti-DRM Pirates will decode studio released soundtracks back into objects. Remixed movie soundtracks will be recreated at basic levels. Home users will rival the studio mixers talent and make their names through custom sound mixes available through sharing sites.

We need a new musical language that allows anyone to tweak the inner workings of our recordings. Cut & Chop sampling, Melodyne, time-stretching, and filtered remixing was just the beginning. Welcome to the world of sound object programming where all your outside musical skill and hardware is useless and your imagination is truly unlimited.

Here is a neat page where I found the top image of Laurie Spiegal.

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