Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roland JP-80 Review and Patches Coming Soon

Since I can't really test synthesizers in the store, I have a JP-80 coming. A full review will be posted. I'm pretty sure I will like it already. I will shoot for around 100-200 modern sounding patches available for purchase ($30) for Roland Jupiter 80 in a month or two. I will put my favorite sounds into it, make new sounds, and hopefully have time to tweak them again. Apparently anyone planning on a JP-50 will be able to use them too. Stay tuned.

Q: Aren't those keyboards stupid and overpriced?
A: At the moment they are out of reach for many but I'm very interested in them. It will be worth it to make new patch banks for their system in the long run. New patches = innovative music and happy keyboard players.

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