Monday, June 18, 2012

JP-80 Pros & Cons

I just wanted to post some thoughts on the keyboard. Its awesome...but may not be for everyone. After I'm done using it I'm going to end up selling it. I can't translate many of my own signature sounds to it and it does not offer me a sequencer. Its amazing to play, but not what I need. That said, there are more pros than cons and there aren't many deal breakers. Its a generation ahead of everything out now.


  • The smoothest sounding keyboard available!

  • Its light enough to gig.

  • The JP-80 always sounds powerful no matter what you are mixing together.

  • Patch creation from start to finish is the fastest of any roland system.

  • Easy to learn.

  • Endless patches and tones to try

  • Every standard sound you can think of is included and more.

  • A variety articulations and expressiveness

  • Effects sound great

  • This keyboard will be used on anime soundtracks till the end of time.

  • Pianos, bass, pads, bells, strings and brass are perfect.

  • Lower patch changing buttons are a good idea

  • Part mixer is easy to use

  • Layering and splitting is simple

  • Buttons and knobs are big.

  • Touchscreen is sensitive and just the right brightness level.

  • The Keybed is excellent.

  • Fast startup time.


  • No sequencer.

  • JP-80 is a little disappointing from a pure synthesis standpoint.

  • Some functions are hard to find.

  • Save system is still confusing.

  • Its expensive.

  • You will have to spend time compiling your own registrations as many are bland.

  • In the end it doesn't cover everyone's need.

  • Needs more experimental sounds.

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