Saturday, June 30, 2012

Comparison of Synth Keyboards Over $1000 in 2012

After doing the budget synth roundup I decided to do ANOTHER comparison for more expensive keyboard synthesizers. The focus is on keyboards with what the manufacturers would call a real synth engine.

We compared 11 different keyboards. $1000 is the breaking point to buy "pro" equipment. The amount of features, both analog and digital is vast so we compared them feature for feature as close as possible. Compiled in a PDF report Important features like touchscreen, knob control, and number of sound engines were compared. A value meta score, and recommended buys were given. Two synths have won the editor's choice award. What synth is king in 2012? Buy the $9 PDF to find out.

Waldorf Blofeld, Roland Jupiter-50, Moog Phatty Stage 2, DS Prophet 08, Roland Jupiter-80, Korg Kronos, Access Virus, Dave Smith PolyEvolver, Moog Lunar Impact (Moog Voyager), Oberheim 2-Voice, and Moog Voyager XL.


Only $9

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