Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jupiter-50 Is The Nail In The Coffin For Korg


Jupiter-50 is the nail in the coffin for almost all current Korg fans. With its screen looking like the same as a Juno GI, Roland has learned to create an affordable and reliable platform to present sounds that surpass anything Korg has ever had to offer. Korg's Kronos line is based on an out of date machine, the old OASYS with technology from 7 years ago. Korg has absolutely nothing to compete with the Jupiter-50. Recent reliability issues and questions about its build quality have cropped up for Korg. The price of its premium piano, the SV1 has dropped again today for the same reasons: a bad reputation. Roland is taking lessons from its Juno hardware to create the Jupiter-50 in what should be a solid keyboard with the cutting edge of technology. If you wanted a cheaper version of the Jupiter-80, or a portable version of the Supernatural Piano here it is. Hopefully it isn't Jupiter-expensive, negating the benefit to the user. It should be released in late spring.

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