Saturday, February 11, 2012

iPad Docks Are Outdated In 2012

Captain Picard never put his data pad in a dock. It is not something he'd travel with. In a fictional world filled with data pad docks, he'd have to make sure the ships he was traveling to had docks compliant with his data pad. Picard would be switching iPad adapters, trying find the right one that transfers "the virus" while the Borg take over. This would be unacceptable. Thankfully all the functions of the data pad were wireless. He was able to save the day. Musical connections should be wireless & digital too. Leave the interfaces, docks, and wires out of the future. They don't fit in a bag and nobody wants to carry them around.

If you are thinking, but hey, how am I supposed to connect a microphone or other instrument? Ask yourself this: If it was were truly worth using in conjunction with a portable device, wouldn't it already have its own wireless connections built in? Leave the docks and wires out of it. They are nonstandard, not portable, and add an extra cost for the user.

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