Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lots and lots of synth

People don't read anything on the internet, so I'll keep this short.

-Its 2012. There are too many software synthesizers. In 1-2 days nobody will remember the plugin or iPad app you released. They all have underdeveloped preset banks. Nobody can even keep up with the blog posts for these things Don't!

- Don't make another hardware instrument without a built-in pattern sequencer or song sequencer! How are people supposed to make music? most people can't play keys or even know what midi does!

- Don't have a software editor on your hardware synth. They end up being buggy as hell. The reason hardware exists is to have knobs! Actual controls. 1 knob per function or don't bother. Can you guarantee your editor will work with Windows 9000? No you can't.

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