Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Warm Liquid Chorus

This is a nice double chorus sound that is remeniscient of 90s/80s. It is very liquid and subtle. The trick here is using a very short pre-delay to put it slightly out of phase. Having two choruses won't overload or destroy the sound if you use these settings in an effects chain.


Signal---->Chorus 1--->Chorus 2---->Out



Signal---->Predelay 1-->Chorus 1

Signal---->Predelay 2--->Chorus 2

(turn down levels)


Chorus 1

0.4ms Pre-delay

5.10 hz chorus rate (Fast)

36% Depth. This means that the effect should be subtle

Chorus 2

0.5ms Pre-delay This second delay is slightly longer but is still out of phase with everything, including the main mix

0.70 hz chorus rate (SLOW)

36% Depth

This setup sounds good with strings and leads.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of Information on Digital Filters


This resource was intended for Nord Modulars but the information inside is detailed enough that you could extract some of it for other plugins and other modular synthesizers. It contains many techniques that you might want to try.