Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What will the Jupiter-80 be?

Roland has hinted at an "upgrade" from the original Jupiter-8. I suspect its not a new product line and I am guesing that it will not compete against the Fantom G. It will likely be:

-Multitimbral Synth Engine (high powered V-synth)

-Auto-tune & Vocoder builtin.

-Substantial Pianos / Orchestral sounds builtin or something with a sample set like what AX-synth has.

-Built for live performance, with multi d-beam, and touch pad matrix, and knobs.

It is obvious Roland needed a product that is more oriented to synthesizer music with extra features for a long time, kind of like a V-synth that goes beyond the scope of its purpose. I'm sure it will also be missing something obvious so that it doesn't retread on another product that is currently in existence, like the Fantom G or V-synth GT. They wouldn't cannibalize those products again, because the new Junos already do that. They also would not kill the V-synth line by including all of its features, so it is likely not to have the same structure.

we will find out soon....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dance Power Lead Settings

How to create a quick power dance lead. It is a little generic but can sound very good depending on your song. The super saws, combined with the chorus, and a smooth reverb can make a very heavy sound.


OSC 1 = Supersaw

OSC 2 = Supersaw (-24 pitch)

Highpass filter settings: Medium negative envelope. Longer decay. Filter set in middle. At start you should hear some bass but not sub-bass. Over time, only some high frequencies are left. This effect is meant to be slight and mosty provide EQ control.

Chorus - 1hz-ish 30% depth (adjust to taste)

Reverb - Hall 30%

Delay - Slight background delay.