Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Warm Liquid Chorus

This is a nice double chorus sound that is remeniscient of 90s/80s. It is very liquid and subtle. The trick here is using a very short pre-delay to put it slightly out of phase. Having two choruses won't overload or destroy the sound if you use these settings in an effects chain.


Signal---->Chorus 1--->Chorus 2---->Out



Signal---->Predelay 1-->Chorus 1

Signal---->Predelay 2--->Chorus 2

(turn down levels)


Chorus 1

0.4ms Pre-delay

5.10 hz chorus rate (Fast)

36% Depth. This means that the effect should be subtle

Chorus 2

0.5ms Pre-delay This second delay is slightly longer but is still out of phase with everything, including the main mix

0.70 hz chorus rate (SLOW)

36% Depth

This setup sounds good with strings and leads.

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