Sunday, May 15, 2011

Complex Envelope Trick on V-synth

One complaint about the V-synth was its lack of complex, curved envelopes. It uses linear decay and basic attack, decay sustain, and release. However, using the LFO and Key Sync you can make a much greater variety of envelope shapes


A regular V-synth envelope.


A complex V-synth envelope using an Uprising Saw, Rate very slow, Key Sync turned on. You could use this on the pitch or a filter, etc. Note the hard attack and the slow uprise. Basically we are combining the regular envelopes with the LFO.


A curved Envelope. Attack, Sustain, set to Zero. LFO Shape Sine Wave. You'd want to end the sound at the completion of half a sine cycle, otherwise its just a regular LFO. This goes for all the sounds produced in the tutorial.


Softer attack and decay and "TRP" Shaped LFO, amount not turned up too much. You may have to set a delay or a fade.

You can also use random, S&H, and all the other shapes. Remember to use very slow rates on the LFO and enable Key Sync so it retriggers. The regular envelope can be part of the attack.

New Envelope shapes = Different sounds!

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